I would like to tell you a little more about my professional background and experience. I hope it helps you to understand more about not only the services I provide, but the way in which I conduct business.

SEO Background

My SEO career began in 2005 with a very large small business website design firm here in Jacksonville, FL. When I joined as a customer care representative, there really wasn’t much of an SEO strategy in place for their clients. I learned all I could about SEO and eventually became the company’s SEO expert.

That position involved consulting to an internal team of SEO consultants on the latest and greatest SEO methods; as well as direct consulting to selected clients. Being that we literally had tens of thousands of small business clients, an internal team of more than 200 people and a CEO that had a thing for buying other large companies with large client bases; it would suffice to say that I gained a ton of SEO experience.

I left that position to become a member of a small SEO team at a company that provided website design and SEO services to the hotel industry. I quickly proved my expertise and helped them re-create their SEO products to become more efficient internally, and more beneficial to their clients.

I became the lead SEO for the team, and eventually the SEO manager for that department. When I left that position, I was responsible for a team of 3 SEOs and more than 250 hotel clients all over the world. As you can imagine, I again acquired a great deal of local SEO knowledge and experience.

Today I provide my services as a freelance SEO to small businesses that need an affordable way to market their site online with my company, SEO Factor.

Why A Freelance SEO

Here’s the thing about SEO Factor. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of SEO agencies, other SEOs and thousands of small business owners. And the one thing that those agencies don’t offer those small business owners, it’s a customized solution. But think about it, they can’t.

An agency is always going to place the needs of the business above anything else. This means that they have to find ways to quantify their profits, and streamline their processes. This leaves little room for creating a detailed campaign for each client that doesn’t fall into a repeatable process.

As your freelance SEO, I am able to take a look at your site as it truly is; unique to your business. This allows me to create and implement a campaign that will provide the best results possible. And because I don’t have tons of overhead costs that are inevitably passed along to an agency’s clients, I can offer my services at a much more affordable rate.

Getting in Touch with Josh Garner

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can use the contact page, call me at: 904-993-7796 or simply email me.